Members: Nivek Ogre and cEvin Key

Dwayne R. Goettel, a core member from 1986-1995, died 08.23.95

Other members include:
Willhelm Shroeder 1985-1986
Rave 1988 (studio work on viviSECTvi)
Mark Walk 2004-present (studio only)

Touring members:
William Morrison 2004-2005 (guitar)
Justin Bennett 2004-present (drums)
Matthew Setzer 2015 (guitar)

Shroeder, Ogre, Key circa 1985


Between 1984 and 1996 Skinny Puppy released 9 studio albums:

Back And Forth (limited issue on cassette only) * Remission * Bites * Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse * Cleanse Fold And Manipulate * viviSECTvi * Rabies * Too Dark Park * Last Rights * The Process

Several compilations have also been released, most notible is the Back And Forth series.

Skinny Puppy is probably the most original and influential band in electronic/industrial music. Never giving in to popular culture, cEvin Key and Dwayne Rudolph Goettel created dark musical landscapes over which Ogre would take on such topics as animal rights, enviromental pollution, war, and drug addiction just to name a few.

Their stage shows became increasingly more intense as years went on, most notably in 1988 with Ogre recreating the horrors of vivisection using props, lots of stage blood, and graphic backing films. Ogre's stage show was so realistic that a fan called the police claiming Ogre had cut open a real dog on stage. It was actually a fake stuffed dog the band refered to as CHUD. Ogre, cEvin Key, and the band's manager were arrested. The next day Ogre issued this statement: "I find it paradoxical that the police can justify arresting us on the assumption that we mutilate and experiment on live animals for a theatrical performance when the inhuman reality is that it occurs in over 300 laboratories a day." The 1990 stage show featured the Chair Of No Cares which had several arms with syringes attached that would poke Ogre whenever he sat in it. That tour also had the infamous suicide backing film shown during Reclamation that showed at least one real suicide, that of R. Budd Dwyer who shot himself on live television. The 1992 tour had Ogre changing into monster costumes as the show progressed to illustrate the demons of drug addiction leading up to the final and most elaborate costume called Guiltman which was worn during Left Handshake. Other props from that tour include a tree called The Tree Of No Cares which had smaller props hanging from it that Ogre pulled off throughout the show and the Virtual Reality Machine in which Ogre would place his head and his image would be projected onto the large projection screen behind the stage.

Due to problems within the band and then the death of D.R. Goettel they broke up in late 1995, releasing The Process the following year.

Ogre, Key, Goettel 1995


Ogre and cEvin Key reunited as Skinny Puppy on August 20, 2000 at the Doomsday Festival in Germany, the set list was as follows:

Intro, Choralone, deep down Trauma Hounds, Love in Vein, Inquisition, Hardset Head, Convulsion, Worlock, Grave Wisdom, Killing Game, Social Deception, First Aid, Testure, Dig It, Tin Omen, Nature's Revenge, Harsh Stone White, live brap, The Choke, Smothered Hope

A CD containing an edited version of the Doomsday show, Back And Forth Vol. 5, was released in 2001. The live version of Hardset Head from that show was released on Back And Forth Vol. 6.

The next year, cEvin Key joined Ogre and his band for the tour in support of the ohGr CD Welt and Ogre contributed vocals on Key's song "Frozen Sky." Ogre and Key's renewed working relationship led to what fans had been waiting for...

Skinny Puppy released a new song titled Optimissed for the 2003 movie Underworld. The next year a new Skinny Puppy CD titled The Greater Wrong of the Right was released on May 25, 2004. It was followed by a world tour in which they toured North America and Europe twice between 2004 and 2005. Once again, Ogre's stage show did not disappoint. Entering the stage he wore a bandaged bird-like costume which he removed while singing, he was "beheaded" by George W. Bush and Dick Chaney, and he wrapped the stage in yellow police line tape. A glowing vein costume was worn on the first leg of the tour during the encore, but it often malfunctioned and was scrapped.

A DVD featuring live footage from the Canadian dates of the second leg of the tour was released in September 2005. The 2 disc set includes the video for the song Pro-Test. The video is "hidden" within the extras.

Skinny Puppy released two more albums, Mythmaker (2007) and HanDover (2011) to finish their 3 record contact with SPV.

Since leaving SPV, Skinny Puppy signed with Metropolis and released a live album on June 12, 2012 titled Bootlegged, Broke, and In Solvent Seas and Weapon on May 28, 2013.